Welcome to Free Proxy Servers

This is a simple and completely free web proxy servers. We have worked hard to get the best compatibility of any YouTube proxy! Unblock and access any YouTube videos in your country now.You can browse the blocked websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Bebo, MySpace and Friendster, etc without leaving a trace.Our server is optimized for web proxy cache in order to get the best speed for each visits, however dut to the different area of the websites and visitors, if you feel the proxy is a bit slow for you, just choose another proxy listed at the left side of the page. ninjaproxy network includes several clustered servers located in both US and Euro.


How to use it

Simply enter the address of the website you wish to access in the bar above and press enter or click "Now go". Free proxy servers acts as an intermediate (i.e. "proxy") between you and the target website. This means that you see the target website, but the address bar in your browser contains "our website". Therefore, as long as you have access to our website you have access to any website even in a censored environment.